What You Should Know About Repairing Your Dentures

Modern dentures are far superior to the ones your grandparents or even your parents may have worn. Even so, there are times when they may need onsite servicing or repairs in Burlington. This can be the result of the changing shape of your jaw and mouth, gum irritation, age of the dentures, normal wear or breakage.

Let’s take a look at onsite denture services and repairs you may require in Burlington:

  • Improve fit and comfort. As a denture wearer, over time you may experience progressive bone loss in the jaw. This means your dentures may lose their snug fit and start shifting around in your mouth. This loose fit may cause gum irritation and swelling. A visit to your denturist in Oakville or Burlington can help. If the problem is not too far advanced, dentures can be relined to accommodate moderate changes in the jaw structure or the shape of the mouth. If the problem is too far advanced, your denturist in Oakville or Burlington may make a new set of perfect-fitting dentures for you.
  • Repair or replace teeth in old dentures. Typically, dentures will last five to seven years before replacement is necessary. Over that period a tooth might crack, chip or even break off. It’s normal and one of the reasons you may need onsite denture services or repairs in Burlington. This type of breakage can result from dentures becoming ill-fitting, cold/hot cycles, tooth grinding and chewing stress.
  • Repair damaged acrylic base. This can happen because of the reasons outlined above or can result from your dentures being accidentally dropped. It is vital to resist the temptation to try to repair your dentures yourself. For one, the home repair can easily be improperly done, causing significant irritation and discomfort. Secondly, there is a very real chance that DIY denture repair will make the denture unrepairable when you take it to your denturist in Oakville or Burlington for proper repair.

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