Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards from Burloak Denture Clinic

Burloak Denture Clinic offers custom-made mouth guards for patients who suffer from teeth grinding (bruxism) in Burlington, Oakville and surrounding Ontario communities.

Teeth grinding typically occurs at night while patients are sleeping, so many people who have this condition are not aware of it until it begins to cause problems, such as damaging the tooth enamel. Some common symptoms of bruxism include waking up with a headache, tenderness or pain in the jaw, or unexplained damage to teeth. If left untreated teeth grinding can cause permanent damage to your teeth that may require surgery or expensive treatments.

Most pharmacies stock ready-to-wear mouth guards, but there is no way to adjust the fit and they offer only limited protection against the effects of teeth grinding. A custom-fitted dental mouth guard from the experienced dental team at Burloak Denture Clinic will feel much more comfortable and provide the most effective protection for you. For more information about custom mouth guards or to book an appointment, please contact our office.

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