Denture Reline & Repair Services in Burlington, Ontario

In order to keep your dentures performing at their best and fitting properly in your mouth they should be replaced every 5 to 7 years. However, even before replacement becomes necessary your dentures are likely to require some adjustments, especially if they are rubbing against gum or mouth tissues and causing discomfort.

Most denture repairs can be completed within an hour or less, so we can usually complete the repair while you wait. Some of the denture adjustments we perform most often include:

Denture Relines – If one or both sides of a denture is making contact with soft tissues in your mouth, your denturist can resurface the affected denture area to make it fit more securely.

Denture Rebase – If required, the pink acrylic part of your denture can be remade and the replacement teeth fitted into the new base.

Denture Repairs – If your denture has been broken or cracked or one or more teeth have broken loose from the acrylic, don’t try to fix it yourself. Some adhesives can react with the acrylic and cause it to weaken, and if the crack or break is not repaired correctly it can become very uncomfortable to wear. If your denture becomes damaged or broken, contact our office immediately to book an appointment.

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